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    Web Dev Services

    Let us take the hassle out of creating digital content for your business. At, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals with our comprehensive digital web packages for blog and documentation sites.

    With our expertise in document remediation, content accessiblity and experience in web2 and web3 technologies, you can rest assured that we will deliver the highest quality content that appeals to everyone. Let us help you create a successful digital marketing strategy today!

    Professional Web Development Assistance

    We offer a wide range of web development services to help you create a successful digital marketing strategy. Whether you need help with a new website, blog, or documentation site, we can help you create a custom solution tailored to your needs.

    Our web package includes:

    • Creating a custom blogging workflow
    • Writing and editing blog posts in Markdown
    • Publishing and maintaining your blog on Jamstack platforms such as Netlify, GitHub Pages, Amazon S3

    Our competitive rate for content writing services ranges from $0.10-$0.25 per word, while a 1-2 week project would cost around $1000-$1500 for 4-6 posts. For ongoing blog content services, we also offer a monthly retainer starting at around $500 per month.

    Did you know? The average cost of the modern web development stack may vary from $5,000 for a small informational website, up to more than $80,000 for a bigger e-commerce site, or over $100,000 for a multilanguage corporate website¹. The cost of the content management system may depend on the features, storage, bandwidth, and support you need. For example, Contentful offers plans from $39 per month to $879 per month, while Netlify CMS is free and open source.

    Static Documentation

    Here at Decent Fintech, we understand your product documentation is your most critical asset. That’s why we offer a comprehensive package for creating and maintaining your static documentation site.

    Our digital web package includes:

    • Writing and editing technical content in Markdown
    • Creating and maintaining a documentation website on Jamstack generators such as Docusaurus or VuePress
    • Integrating your documentation domain with your main website

    Our rates for technical writing services ranges from $50-$150 per hour. For a 3-4 week project, we are offering a fixed price package for a certain number of pages or sections of documentation, such as 20-30 pages, for $3000-$4000. Alternatively, you could offer a monthly retainer for ongoing documentation services starting at around $1000 per month.

    Did you know? A rough estimate based on the latest search results is that you can expect upwards of 400 development hours to create a medium-sized Jamstack documentation site, which may translate to over $40,000 at an average agency rate of over $100 an hour. That’s a lot of money for a documentation site! ²

    Custom Development

    We also have a website prototype package which includes — everything in the documentation package ± branding and a landing page for your prototype to attract early users, validate demand, test assumptions—including logo, color palette & typography copywriting landing page software mockups email collection website analytics—all at an affordable price!

    With us, you can trust that we’ll deliver brilliant solutions tailored to your needs. So don’t wait any longer - get started today with DecentFintech!

    Static Docs & Git Workflows

    You understand the importance of both past and future, but need help with developing content that will help your customers and developers get the most out of their current efforts.

    • With my expertise in static docs & git workflows, I can help you create a system that will give your customers and developers the information they need to get the most out of your products and services 🍞🧈

    Proven Results with Jamstack Solutions

    For today’s businesses, effective and nimble document resources are essential.

    • ✓ Product Blogs
    • ✓ Documentation for an API
    • ✓ Tutorials for Getting Started
    • ✓ Guides for Users

    Version Controlled Content Management 📒

    Easily bring all your content to one place so you can manage and publish blogs on popular hosting platforms like Netlify, GitHub Pages, and Amazon S3. (And back it up with Git!)

    Documentation for APIs 📚

    Use common layouts, static site generators, or renowned documentation systems to auto-generate static documentation for your APIs to make them easier to use and understand.

    Headless Content Platforms 🤯

    Create dynamic content with a powerful headless CMS like WordPress or file driven by Markdown to keep your site up-to-date and interesting.

    Technical SEO 🔍

    Optimize your content for search engine visibility with SEO best practices and tools.

    We can help businesses create modern, fast-loading websites with the latest Jamstack services. Our team of experienced developers can create custom solutions tailored to our client’s needs, so that they can stay ahead of the competition in this ever-grown digital world.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

    Improve your customer relationships and become more efficient in customer development. We offer custom API integrations, webhooks, automated workflows and more to businesses to get the most of their customer data.

    • Custom CRM integrations help businesses improve their bottom line by automating internal business processes and curating customer experiences 🫶

    Proven Results with CRM Integration

    Our tech services help businesses develop a unique customer service platform with powerful tools, like a ticketing, CRM integrations, and modern knowledge base solutions.

    • ✓ SaaS product support
    • ✓ Automated Data Entry
    • ✓ Custom Reporting & Analytics
    • ✓ User Migration & Synchronization

    Automating Internal Business Processes 🤖

    Streamline your internal business processes by automating your customer onboarding, order fulfillment, and customer service tasks.

    Enhancing Customer Experience 🤝

    Provide tailored product recommendations, personalized support services, and automated customer feedback surveys.

    Improving Data Analysis & Reporting 📊

    Gain valuable insights into your customer behavior through deploying advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. This data can identify areas for improvement in products/services as well as inform future marketing strategies.

    CRM Offerings

    Hick’s law states that the time to decide increases with the number of choices available.

    We offer opinionated CRM integration services for businesses looking to maximize their customer relationships and increase efficiency in their operations. Our team of experienced developers can create innovative solutions tailored to our client’s needs while balancing psychological levers to influence habit-forming, so your employees and clients can stay ahead of the competition in this ever-grown digital world.

    HelpDesk Ticketing System ✦ Image

    Get a unique customer help desk experience that provides your staff with an intuitive self-service experience designed to help you support your SaaS apps across web and mobile apps. Features include instant Calm customer support messaging, Markdown support, Stripe integration, and automated workflows to send data to your CRM using webhooks, and AI-generated replies. focuses on a user experience that only displays one item at a time, countering Hick’s Law, and reduces procrastination and boost focus. For instance, they keep users informed of their progress throughout their session to create a feeling of accomplishment. Sparing unnecessary UI elements, the developer of Fernand (also responsible for improvmx) takes advantage of soft pastel background colors to create a sense of depth. They crafted the copy to be straightforward, honest, humane, and succinct, to create a sense of predictability.

    Knowledge Base and CRM ✦

    Notion Image

    Build your relationships with powerful collaboration features like database management, task tracking, document collaboration and more. provides a comprehensive and unique solution for both internal company knowledge sharing and tracking customer data. It features webhooks, custom API integrations, and other innovative capabilities, enabling users to connect to other platforms and transfer documents, images, and more into their Notion workspace. This makes Notion a powerful and versatile tool for managing and organizing all kinds of data, from customer information to internal company knowledge, in one convenient platform.

    Let’s develop your one-of-a-kind customer service platform with powerful tools like a ticketing system, CRM integrations, knowledge base, and more 👀

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    I offer a range of services to help you build your solution. All packages include a free consultation to discuss your needs and a free follow-up call to discuss the results of the project.



    Technical SEO

    Content strategy

    Jamstack Migration

    • 🔑 Compose, revise, and format blog posts in Markdown
    • 🔑 Establish a Git-based process for content administration
    • 🔑 Increase search engine rankings and technical SEO
    Pricing details

    Writing services are priced at $0.10-$0.25 per word

    Packages for a specified number of blog posts, such as 4-6, cost $1000-$1500

    Ongoing blog content services are available with a monthly retainer, starting at $500 per month

    Best value



    Technical Writing

    Document Remediation

    Content Development

    • 🔑 Use modern and easy-to-use platforms (e.g. Docusaurus/VuePress) to build your docs
    • 🔑 Write, edit, and format docs in a simple and consistent way with Markdown
    • 🔑 Highlight the most important docs to attract and retain your audience
    Pricing details

    Price is based on the number of pages and complexity of the documentation

    Fixed price packages for a certain number of pages, such as 10-20 pages, for $1000-$1500

    Monthly retainer for ongoing documentation services, starting at around $1000 per month

    Website Prototype


    Everything in the Documentation package

    Landing pages


    Email capture

    • 🔑 Deploy a static website hosted on Netlify or Vercel
    • 🔑 Draw in early users and validate demand
    • 🔑 Iterate on your business model and value offering
    Pricing details

    Web development services are priced on number of pages and complexity of the website

    Fixed price packages for a certain number of pages, such as 5-10 pages, for $1000-$1500

    Monthly retainer for ongoing website services, starting at around $500 per month

    Work async? Send me a message and we'll figure something out.

    Disclaimer: All prices are in USD and are subject to change. Hourly rates may vary depending on the complexity of the project. The range of support for your solution is based on its specifications. Regular support is provided for two months after the project's completion.

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